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TERROR JUDAICO SIONISTA - The Zionist Criminal Mind and the Murder of Innocents in the Middle East

Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 08 August 2015
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The Zionist Criminal Mind and the Murder of Innocents in the Middle East
UPDATED: August 9, 2015

It is the Zionist criminal minds which are responsible for the mass murder of innocents in the Islaamic Middle East. Even if that murder is achieved by US and British agents, still, the motive force behind this is the hedonistic, murderous, blood-lusting Zionist vile ones.
Continuously, it is hunting season on the people of Islaam, who can are killed with impunity. Furthermore, regarding all the plots against these largely defenseless innocents it is the Zionists are fully responsible for the slaughter and debauchery which results.
The degree of the slaughter is extreme, so much so that it is impossible to measure the count. No one can even accurately estimate the number of people killed and wounded, let alone those displaced, as a consequence of Zionists machinations. They are the enemy of this human race, including the teeming masses of the Islaamic people, and let there be no doubt about this.
In this case the Zionists, vile and corrupt that they are, caused this Muslim child’s head to be blown off, for too graphic for the world to see in its horrid detail:
Can anyone fathom the degree of extreme corruption of the Zionist, that this hedonistic one would selectively murder the children with glee and give no consideration of it. Rather, such a terminally vile one would relish in it lusting in it to the extreme to the degree of even celebrating the mass killing of defenseless people, including women and children:
Photo from the Israeli massacre of Palestinians in Al-Shuja'iya neigborhood, July 20, 2014 sabeel 3
Meanwhile, what does the Zionist do? He/she fakes it, fabricating it as if the real victim is the Zionist Jew, falsifying grief, injury, death, and far more:
Filthy Jewry is wretched beyond comprehension, let there be no doubt about it.
In the epitome of corruption the Zionists distract the world with fakes and frauds, absolute hoaxes and arch-schemes, while simultaneously creating great debauchery in the land:
In this instance in Tal Afar, Iraq, a child’s parents were slaughtered by so-called American troops, while she was wounded, though survived. There were five children in the car, all of whom were orphaned. How can anyone even begin to determine the degree of such a vile, criminal act?
What an arch-file plot it is, all to conquer the nation’s great wealth potential:

The war plot was based on an arch-scam perpetrated by the Zionists through their fake Islamic attack on 9-11. The cowardly ‘troops’ shot dead two people in the front seat of the car; that happened to be both the mother and father:

The terror that they caused to this family of children and all of their relatives; who can estimate its degree? Does not the look on the face of the daughter, now orphaned, tell all, as she cries in agonizing despair, the blood of her now deceased parents splattered on her face? Then, who, in fact, are the real terrorists of the most extreme degree?
Yet, it must always be emphasized that the ultimate perpetrators are the Zionists and their collaborators. It is they who are responsible for this to such an unfathomable vast degree, such a vast and unmeasurable degree of treachery. It is they who plotted to drive the Western military systems into the Middle East in order to perpetrate conquest on behalf of arch-Zionist machinations.
The Americans at least come back from the Jewish-orchestrated wars and often-times realize the nature of their acts, even ultimately fighting against the Zionists by leading anti-war groups. They could never possibly match the treachery, criminality, and cowardice of the scheming minds of the arch-treacherous, psychopathic Zionist Jews, who truly are cowards and brutes to the extreme:

Who other than an arch-Zionist coward would cut-down middle-age or elderly women during a protest, killing and wounding them?

Who can doubt their treachery and bully-like nature, mere thugs and ruffians, who prove their nature by their hideous, terminally wretched acts?
By no means are these arch-hideous ones ever held responsible for their bloodthirsty acts. Yet, here, surely, the ultimate, extreme criminal minds can be revealed, even named, that is precisely the ones who are behind this brutal slaughter of the innocent:

The Zionists are a crime syndicate, a realm of vile, hedonistic, hideous ones: cowards and criminals all. Regarding their vigilante mobs who go about brutally attacking those who have no defense, their chants and statements are well-known, even to fellow Israelis:
According to Israeli blogger Elizabeth Tsurkov, the mobs’ favorite chant is: “Tomorrow there’s no school in Gaza, they don’t have any children left” and “Kill Arab children so there won’t be a next generation,” or “Stinking Arabs may you die, amen,” and “Arabs may you be paralyzed and die with great suffering” are some representative tweets exposed by Israeli journalist David Sheen.
So, thus it is, they have no inhibition, these arch-Satanic ones, these worshippers of all that is vile, to slaughter whoever they may. In this case as a result of American-made or -financed Zionist bombs this dear little one, this Palestinian Muslim, lost her arm, while her entire abdomen was blown open, contents spilling on the operating table. Then, who are the real terrorists other than the Zionists, the inventors of terror acts against defenseless, unarmed people, including mere infants and children?
Let it be known all over this entire world. There is nothing more wretched, more vile, more terminally wicked, than the arch-criminal and exceedingly murderous Zionist mind. Within this realm is included the following individuals, all of whom are responsible for the vast slaughter of the innocent, including the senseless, vicious murder of children:
  • Bibi Netanyahu
  • Shimon Perez
  • Ehud Olmert
  • Ehud Barak
  • Barak Barak Obama
  • Henry Hines Kissinger
  • David Rockefeller
  • the Rothschild clique
  • former President Bill Clinton
  • former President George Bush
  • Douglas Feith
  • Dick Cheney
  • Elliot Abrams
  • William J. Bennet
  • Madeleine K. Albright
  • Max Boot
  • Elliot Cohen
  • Thomas Donnelly
  • Frank Gaffney
  • James B. Steinberg
  • Randy Scheunemann
  • Stephen P. Rosen
  • Robert Kagan
  • William Kristol
  • Paula Dobriansky
  • Richard Perle
  • Gary Bauer
  • Paul Wolfowitz
  • James Woosley
  • Dov Zakheim
  • Rita ‘Arch-Zionist’ Katz
  • Robert Zoellick
…among countless other arch-murderous, psychopathic, and blood-thirsty criminals.



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  1. No preconceived agenda or blatant bias here now, is there?
    Moving along in the “truther” world…
    • Murderous Depicable
      Israeli (IDF) snipers killing Americans in Iraq and Middle East
      Some of these Israeli psychopaths were actually born in USA & Europe but taught this evil Zionism, & from the Babylon Tamud –this crazed hatred of the Goyim (a genocidal murderous hatred of Americans & all supposed nonchosen master race members-Goyim) from early childhood.
  2. Israel & the Zionist Psychopaths did the 911 Terrorist Murderous Attacks Against America to to trick Americans & involve them in supporting America in Genocidal bombings, Invasions & occupations of it’s targeted hated, innocent enemies in Iraq & Afghanistan & other Arab & African & Asian & Muslim countries. Israel & the zionists & zionist Illuminati Banksters & zionist racist Babylon Talmudists are the cause of most all wars & terror & brutal occupations & forced starvation in the world. Have the guts to understand who the enemy of Humanity & God & everything decent in the world is. It’s not so vague mysterious, magical unscene invisible, vague, nameless Illuminati or NWO or the Banksters alone.
  3. Ken O’Keefe & Israel & the zionist committing 911 & their evil agendas of it.
  4. Treasonous Zionist/Israeli Run DHS says Prepping & Gun Owning = Terrorist Activity!
    DHS – Department of Homeland Security is the Terrorist, Traitorous Zionist Israeli run worst enemy of Americans.
    DHS was founded in Israel in 1997, in preparation for the long planned Israeli 911 Attacks against Americans & America to blame on Muslims & Arabs & Afghans & Africans, & Asians, etc.
    DHS was founded in USA IN 2002 after Israel’s successful Terrorist attacks (both False flags & PsyOps) in NYC & Washington DC. And it was completely modeled after Israel’s Homeland Security & run by Israelis & zionists.
  5. Cowardly, murderous Israeli genocidal maniac racist snipers happily murdering innocent children for fun. Congradulating each other for their satanically evil murdering innocent children like they are shooting ground hogs or rats. These are truly evil, psychopath beasts. And these types of beasts are now training USA police & ISIS & running Homeland Security.
  6. Israeli IDF & Mossad Murderous Snipers repeatedly caught cowardly murdering USA TROOPS while embeded with in Iraq & Afghanistan, behind the lines where they are safe & can shoot troops in the back & most of the time it can be successfully blamed on Muslims to rile up troops to hate Muslims & Afghans & to seek vengeance which the zionists embeded among them as officers & advisors & IFOR & even sayanim US troops etc can use dialectic & PsyOps techniques & raw anger to encourage them to take unjust vengeance against civilians in these occupied places.
  7. Zionist Jew ZipPuppet Fraudster
    Nashville Hoax SpokesLiar Don Aaron
    Official title
    Don Aaron, Public Affairs Manager (He manages the official lying of the government & police dept. about the PsyOp Hoax Shooting in this case.)
    The Media Relations Office handles a variety of media inquiries and requests, which total in the thousands each year. The office is responsible for the dissemination of all written media releases issued by the police department, which total several hundred each year of this web site). The office also advises officers, when necessary, in interacting with media representatives.
    The Media Relations Office oversees the police department’s awards program, which annually bestows awards to deserving officers and citizens. The office also handles a variety of other tasks as requested by the Chief of Police.
    Questions regarding the content of media releases or the Media Relations Office may be directed to Mr. Don Aaron, the police department’s Public Affairs Manager, at (615) 862-7306.
    See Nashville dot Gov Website
  8. Don Aaron
    This is Hickory Hollow Mall /Nashville
    Theater Hoax SpokesLiar
    Don Aaron & entry #2 is his father of the same name who also looks just like him. & Who it looks like probably faked his death as so many of these zionist Jewish change agents do to collect big Life Insurance policies, survivor pensions, etc. Also they are Crypto Jews. The father’s obituary claims he was Methodist, yet I find them linked to Synagogues & ofcourse having Jewish names. They do this especially in the South & even more so in the deep south & Texas to blend in & mislead & zioScam (like to take over church donations collections & bookkeeping to rob them blind) & warmonger & hate monger these fairminded, gullable Christians against both other Christians & Muslims & Arabs & have them worshipshipful of the supposed chosen race Jews. Also to con churches into sending vast sums to Israel. Methodists are special targets since most of their church congregations mostly oppose zionism & are aware of the Israeli genocide of Palestine by Israel, and they oppose most US WARS.
    (See blocked link next post)
  9. Way too graphic. Why do I need to see this? Go show your family. Will they care?
  10. CHECK
  11. At last dear doc! Things have happened meantime, as u know, rite now the most talked about is the French train shooting hoax. If possible, let that ur next post be on that.
    • Thanks for the links and reminder. Post up and going!
  12. Welcome back!
    Dr k
    And rest of you.
    Got a little worried. X

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