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Why do Nazis hate Blacks, Jews, and Gays? - PORQUE OS NAZISTAS ODEIAM NEGROS JUDEUS E GAYS?

             Why do Nazis hate Blacks, Jews, and Gays?

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There are perhaps dozens of reasons Nazis can give for hating Jews, Blacks, and Gays… but the rudimentary reason is because they considered the Jews to be "African's getting away with being White" and prospering handsomely in Europe!... All hatred aside, this is a rather accurate assessment... The original Jews were one of twelve African-Hebrew tribes… “Judah"... Historically (and biblically) speaking, the “children of Israel” consisted of twelve Hebrew tribes (in the order listed in Genesis 49):

1) REUBEN… (pronounced, rreh-oo-VAIN)
2) SIMEON… (pronounced, shem-OHN)
3) LEVI… (pronounced, lay-VEE)
4) JUDAH… (pronounced, yeh-hoo-DAH) – aka Jews, Jewish
5) ZEBULUN… (pronounced, zeh-vu-LOON)
6) ISSACHAR… (pronounced, yeh-SAHS-kahr)
7) DAN… (pronounced, DAHN)
8) GAD… (pronounced, GAHD)
9) ASHER… (pronounced, AH-shehr)
10) NAPHTALI… (pronounced, nahf-tah-LEE)
11) JOSEPH… (pronounced, yoh-SAYF)...
........further divided between his sons MANASSEH (mehn-ash-SHEH) and EPHRAIM (ehf-rah-YEEM)
12) BENJAMIN… (pronounced, bin-yah-MEEN)

According to the Genesis/Exodus story, the Hebrew race spent the first 700 to 800 years of their existence in Egypt… Hence, the Hebrews were more Egyptian than anything... And Egypt resides on the continent of Africa!... Howbeit, Hollywood has always depicted the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews as Europeans… but this is politically incorrect!...


According to biblical records (Genesis 1:5), Europeans are descendant through Noah’s (noh-AHKH) son “Japheth (YEH-fehth)”… Many Bible scholars conclude Germany is descendant through Noah’s grandson (Japheth’s son), Gomer (GOH-mehr), of Genesis 10:2…

However (among many others), according to Genesis 10:6, Noah’s son, Ham (KHAHM), birthed two great African nations: “Cush (KOOSH): Ethiopia” and “Mizraim (mits-RRAH-yihm): Egypt”…

And finally, according to Genesis 10:22-24, Noah’s son, Shem (SHAME), begat “Arphaxad (ehr-pahk-SHAD)”, who begat “Salah (sheh-LAKH)”, who begat “Eber (AY-vehr)”… Now, this guy Eber’s descendants identified themselves as “Eberites” or “Ebreu” (English spellings)… Eventually, an “H” was added and the “u” became a “w”, producing the new spelling “Hebrew”…

According to Genesis 11:17-26, “Abraham (eh-vrah-HAHM)” was descended through the line of Eber… As a matter of fact, he is first identified as a “Hebrew” in Genesis 14:13… As the story continued, Abraham begot “Isaac (yits-KHAK)”, and Isaac begot Jacob (yah-ah-KOVE), who later became known as “Israel (yis-rrah-ALE)” (Genesis 32:28)… Theoretically, dozens of races (descended through Eber) identified as Hebrew, but Genesis specifically followed “one family line” that eventually led to the “children (descendants) of Israel” in Egypt :::


In biblical times there was no such thing as “The Middle-East”… This territory was technically, “East Africa”… That is until 1869 when a man-made waterway (Suez Canal) was constructed, severing what is now the Middle-East from the African continent, and placing it between (in the middle of) Africa and Asia… Hey, all of this information is just sitting around out there for anyone to look up… And at some point, that’s exactly what Adolf Hitler did!... He investigated the history of all those Europeans who called themselves, “Jews”… and their history led straight to Africa through a non-Japhethic line!...


To make a long story short… For the first 400-years after the Hebrew children of Israel exodused Egypt, they were ruled by Judges… According to the Acts 13:21, the people eventually asked for a king; God gave them Saul (shah-OOL) who reigned for 40-years (1050-1010 BC)… David (dah-VEED) followed with another 40-year reign (1010-970 BC)… And Solomon (sheh-loh-MOH) ruled 40-years (970-930 BC)… However, after Solomon’s reign ended, the united monarchy collapsed and the kingdom of Israel, divided (1Kings, chapter 12)… After Solomon’s death (1Kings 11:43), the northern tribes had a falling out with his son (and heir), Rehoboam (rreh-khav-AHM)… As a result, they made the exiled (by king Solomon) Jeroboam (yah-RROH-veh-ahm) their king… Hence, Rehoboam reigned over the northern kingdom of Israel… and Solomon’s son, Rehoboam, reigned over the southern kingdom of Judah…

Remember the old cliché, “United we stand, divided we fall?”… Well, the northern kingdom of Israel flourished for 207-years then fell to the Assyrian empire in 723 BC… Those ten tribes of Israel were taken into captivity and never seen or heard from again… The southern kingdom of Judah fell 126-years later in 597 BC to the Babylonian empire… And 61-years after that, Babylon fell to the rise of the Persian empire in 536 BC… The Persian empire ruled for 205-years until it was conquered by Greece in 331 BC… And thus, we have the pathway to Europe!... Among many other things, the Greeks took the Hebrew Torah (Old Testament) to Europe and translated it into Greek… For authenticity, they needed some Jews to be assimilated into Greek culture… the New Testament was produced, and the rest is history… I should also note, the Hebrews/Jews of the Old Testament are extinct...

After 100s of years in European environments, and race mixing, there were no more signs of dark-skinned Jews in Europe... But Adolf Hitler believed in the ONE DROP RULE... "one drop of African blood means YOU'RE BLACK, regardless to what you look like on the outside"... And that's how the Nazis came to view the Jews... And the Nazis today are no different!... In essence, Nazis do not see any difference between Jews and Blacks… And as for Gay people… Nazis probably hate them because most (if not all) of the famous people in the Bible were gay!...


The Rightwing minions are not the sharpest tools in the shed… Once they get a piece of rhetoric, they’re like a dog with a bone and cannot see beyond that rhetoric… Ever since their ancestors and predecessors tried to divide the United States into northern and southern kingdoms during the American Civil War, not a single one of them has stopped to think about the consequences if they succeed… For a demographic that constantly claims it is Christian, they do not learn from the wisdom the Bible offers… When Israel divided into two separate nations, they were both eventually conquered; they were stronger together as one nation… The Rightwing minions still want to divide the United States into northern and southern kingdoms… That’s why they demonize everything the Democrats do (that will result in one United States of America)… But if the Rightwing minions ever succeed in dividing this nation, it’s only a matter of time before both kingdoms fall ::: 

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