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TERROR JUDAICO SIONISTA - Standoff in Ukraine makes legitimate election impossible...

Standoff in Ukraine 

makes legitimate

 election impossible 

- Russian legislators

 April 30, 16:26 UTC+4

 MOSCOW, April 30. /ITAR-TASS/. In the context of the current
 standoff in Ukraine holding a legitimate presidential election or 
a referendum on federalization will be impossible. The chairman
 of the State Duma’s 
constitutional legislation and 
statehood committee, Vladimir Pligin, of the ruling United 
Russia party, said on Wednesday.
For his part, State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin
 believes that Ukraine’s newly adopted law on the 
presidential election is void. “Under the new rules
 the presidential election can be declared valid even if
 an overwhelming majority of Ukraine’s citizens refuse
 to participate.” In that context Naryshkin voiced regret 
over the fact that “a number of our Western partners
 prefer to ignore such juridical and legal details of the
 situation in Ukraine.”
The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that before
 an election can be held Kiev must give up the military 
operation against its own people and find a common
 language with the people of the Southeast, who have
 been demanding a referendum on the status of their 
regions and the recognition of Russian as a second
state language.
In the middle of April Russian President Vladimir Putin 
said that Russia might refuse to recognize the results
 of Ukraine’s election. He said that the presidential
 race in Ukraine was proceeding in an impermissible
 form and that that candidates from the East were
 unable to express their point of view and extremely 
exposed to physical attacks.
“If everything proceeds in the same fashion further
 on, then we, of course will be unable to recognize
 everything that will be happening after May 25 as
 legitimate,” he warned.
"Restoring order to Ukraine over the three weeks
 still to go before the presidential election is an unrealistic 
task. In the current situation of an armed standoff there
 is no chance of holding a full-fledged election campaign,
” State Duma member from the United Russia party, 
Vyacheslav Nikonov, has told ITAR-TASS in an interview.
“It looks like people in the south-eastern regions of the
 country - the Donetsk and Lugansk regions - which
 have declared themselves as republics, will not 
participate in the May 25 election. There are millions 
of voters in both. They will refuse to recognize the
 new authorities,” Nikonov said.
“Kiev’s decision to cancel the Victory Day march-past
 on May 9 drew the red line. Very many Ukrainians
 will refuse to participate in the voting, because they 
will by no means agree to recognize this date as a day 
of mourning,” Nikonov said.
“Another problem is whoever is declared the winner
 in the election, that person will have no chance of 
being the president of the whole of Ukraine. That person 
would be unable to visit Eastern Ukraine without 
considerable risks. And the other way round. Whatever
 the outcome, the election will not bring peace and calm to 
Ukraine. It will just trigger a new spiral of discord and rivalry
,” Nikonov said.
As if in a gesture of confirmation of what Nikonov said 
Ukrainian parliament member Oleg Tsarev, one of the 
presidential candidates, on Tuesday declared he was
 leaving the race. He also called for boycotting the elections.
“Instead of the presidential election Russia has all the way 
urged the Ukrainian authorities to hold a constitutional reform
 involving entire society, to agree on the principles
 of federalization and on the recognition of the Russian 
language. But first and foremost the authorities in Kiev 
should terminate armed pressures on the south-eastern 
regions of the country,” Nikonov said.
“If the Ukrainian authorities bow to instructions from the 
US to act from the position of strength against their own
 people who disagree with their policies and go ahead 
with the presidential election plans, the end effect will be 
deplorable. Even if the West, in contrast to Russia recognizes 
the results of the elections legitimate, this will pave the way 
for Ukraine’s collapse,” Nikonov said.

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