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RÚSSIA - Not ready to give up nuclear weapons at present stage...

Russia not ready to give

 up nuclear weapons 

at present stage, 

diplomat says

 May 06, 9:35 UTC+4 
“Now the situation is unfavourable, if for no other reason than missile defence. So, conditions are far from being favourable for arrangements on new moves,” the diplomat says
UNITED NATIONS, May 6./ITAR-TASS/. Russia is not ready to give up nuclear weapons as at the present stage it is a legitimate means of deterrence and protection of the national interests, the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s department for security and disarmament, Mikhail Ulyanov, told ITAR-TASS on Monday.
Ulyanov leads the Russian delegation to a third session of the Preparatory Committee for the 2015 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
The diplomat said representatives of many non-nuclear
 states had voiced disapproval of the pace of nuclear 
disarmament. Some of them are rather radically minded,
 suggesting “a ban on nuclear weapons as it happened
 with chemical and biological weapons”.
“But we are not ready for that, and proceed from the
 fact that nuclear weapons are a legitimate means 
of deterrence and protection of the national interests 
at the present stage,” he said. The diplomat believes 
disarmament must proceed stage-by-stage “in 
conditions of strategic stability, with due regard for 
all factors influencing international security
 and national security of Russia”.

“Now the situation is unfavourable, if for no other 
reason than missile defence. So, conditions
 are far from being favourable for arrangements
 on new moves,” he said.
Ulyanov reminded the interlocutor that the
 2010 treaty between the US and Russia on
 measures for the further reduction and limitation
 of strategic offensive arms (new START) was
 in place at the present stage. It envisages,
 in particular, the decrease of arsenals of
 nuclear warheads to 1,550. “Its implementation
will take long, and once we complete it, then we 
will look into the situation,” the diplomat noted.

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