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RÚSSIA - Law toughening control over foreign funded (ONGs)NGOs comes into force

"The Russians found that most (ONGs)NGOs are elements of espionage in the service of Zionism JEWISH ISRAEL" on RUSSIA there are hundreds of thousands of these institutions.
"In Brazil there are 300,000 of these (ONGs)NGOs, of which 
100 000 are installed in AMAZON, say it is to" protect "the Indians, then every Indian has two (ONGs) NGOs to protect it, as in the Amazonthere are only 50,000 Indians ".

Law toughening control over foreign funded (ONGs)NGOs comes into force
14.11.12 13:15    By News Dept.

Earlier in October Vladimir Putin signed the controversial law   

The law toughening control over foreign funded NGOs in Russia has come into force, the Kremlin-run newspaper "Rossiyskaya gazeta" writes on Wednesday.

According to the law, if a foreign funded non-profit organization does not report any finance from abroad or does not give complete disclosure of such information, the NGO may be fined up to 300 thousand rubles (some $10,000). Moreover, any foreign-funded NGO is automatically "a foreign agent."

If an NGO is labelled "a foreign agent" it must include itself in a special list of "foreign agent organizations." If it fails to do so, it may also be fined up to 500 thousand rubles.
The new law was introduced by a United Russia deputy Alexander Sidyakin in early summer of this year.

As Sidyakin then explained to Gazeta.ru, he wanted to create a special list in the Justice Ministry that would consist of those NGOs that are financed from abroad. "The list will be available in the Internet," Sidyakin said. "Anyone will be able to click on any legal body and find information on who it is financed by, what it does, and so on."

The law was adopted by the Russian parliament in October 26, it was later signed by President Vladimir Putin.

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