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TERROR JUDAICO SIONISTA - Yevgeny Losinsky, who had got a stomach...

Death toll of Odessa tragedy 

rises to 47

 May 11, 14:50 UTC+4 
Yevgeny Losinsky, who had got a stomach gunshot wound died at the hospital
© AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda
ODESSA, May 11 /ITAR-TASS/. The death toll of bloody riots
 in the Ukrainian Black Sea port city of Odessa rose to 47, as 
Yevgeny Losinsky, 34, who had got a stomach gunshot wound
 died at the hospital. Doctors had been fighting for the life of the
 wounded man for nine days.
Authorities have made public an updated list of identified 43 
victims on Saturday. Eight of them died of gunshot wounds, 
seven people jumped out of the windows from upper floors of the
 burning Odessa House of Trade Unions, escaping from the fire
 and chasers, other people have been burnt alive or got poisoned
 with carbon dioxide. According to latest reports, 47 people died,
 more than 200 were woundedand 48 are stillt reported missing 
after the clashes in the city. Meanwhile, Ukrainian parliamen
t member Oleg Tsarev, lawmaker of the Odessa regional council
 Vadim Savenko and other Ukrainian politicians affirmed that 
no less than 116 people
 died in the riots, but Kiev authorities conceal the exact figures.
As many as
 62 people
 are being
 cured at 
 ten of
 them are
 in heavy 
condition at
 intensive c
are now.

Riots in the city of Odessa broke out in the afternoon on May 2, when 
football fans arriving from the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov, Right
 Sector radicals and representatives of the so-called “Maidan
 self-defence” from Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, staged a march on city 
streets. At this action nationalist radicals stirred up clashes with
 federalisation supporters, setting on fire a tent camp on Kulikovo
 Field Square where a sign-up campaign was on for a referendum 
on Ukraine’s federalisation and granting a state language status 
to the Russian language. Activists and city residents on duty
 at the tent camp have taken a shelter at the House of Trade 
Unions which attackers had also set on fire that resulted in 
massive deaths.Kulikovo Field activists already stated that they 
would be restoring a tent camp after the holidays to continue a 
sign-up campaign for the referendum, as a large part of gathered 
signatures burnt down. “We want to place a tent camp after 
May 9. More people will be staying there,” said lawmaker of the 
Odessa regional council, city mayoral candidate Aleksey Albu,
 who was wounded in the defence of the House of Trade Unions.

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